Announcing the Winners from YouVersion’s 2018 Mid-Year Challenge

Two weeks ago, we invited you to join us for our 2018 Mid-Year Challenge. If you completed 7 days in a row: Great job! Sometime during the next few days, you’ll be awarded your Mid-Year Challenge badge:

2018 Mid-Year Challenge Badge

To view your Badges, go to your profile and select Badges. If you don’t see your 2018 Mid-Year Challenge Badge yet, don’t panic! 😊 It could take several days for all of the badges to be delivered.

Grand Prize Winner

Users who completed at least seven days in a row of Bible Plan daily readings anytime between July 8 and July 21 were entered into a random drawing for our grand prize: a T-shirt, sticker pack, mug, and a Google Home Mini! The results are in, and the lucky winner is…


Congratulations Bill! 🎉

Discover Plans and keep your Bible Streak going.

We trust that your time in God’s Word during this Challenge has drawn you closer to him. And we hope each day helped you refresh or establish a daily Bible habit. The statistics from past Challenges are clear: once you build a daily habit across several weeks, that momentum can carry you forward on a streak of consistent time in the Bible.

We’ll help you get there, one week at a time, through short Daily Plans. We offer thousands of Plans, covering a wide range of topics – with more being added all the time.

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