21-Day Challenge Starts in 2 Days!

21-Day Challenge

Just three weeks of consistent behavior can carry you well on your way to a new habit. That’s why we created the annual 21-Day Challenge: to help you engage with the Bible every day. Start a new Plan now… and start each day in this new season with a fresh perspective.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Beginning February 1, complete at least one day of one Plan, every day for 21 days.

You don’t have to do just one Plan that’s 21 days (or longer). You can do a series of shorter Plans, one after another.1 Just make sure you complete at least one day of at least one Plan for every one of the 21 days!

2019 21-Day Challenge Badge

At the end of the Challenge, if you completed all 21 days, you’ll receive a special 2019 21-Day Challenge badge in your Bible App profile. But most importantly:

You’ll have a new daily Bible habit!

1 Official Rules available on our blog.

Now, let’s get you ready for the Challenge.

The 21-Day Challenge begins in just two days. We recommend you start browsing now for the Plans you’ll want to do during the Challenge. (We’ve included a few suggestions below.) When you find a Plan you think you’d enjoy, open it and tap Save for Later. Or, even better…

Tap Start, select With Friends, set the start date for February 1, and invite some friends to join you!

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