Level up your Bible habit.

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Plans help you get God’s Word speaking into your life, on a daily basis.

Passion & Purpose

As you’re reflecting on what different verses mean to you, it’s wise to invite other perspectives.

Am I Enough: Embracing The Truth About Who You Are

But how can you explore questions of faith when you’re not even sure what others would think?


By making it a conversation with friends.

Group of people discussing the Bible

All the Plans you see here are some of the most popular ones that friends already enjoy together. But you can do any Plan with friends. Just start a Plan, tap With Friends, and invite a friend (or two, or five) to join you.

Move Forward // Renew Your Relationship With God

Yes, it really is that simple.

Choose Brave

After each day’s reading, everyone who accepted your invitation can share their thoughts in a discussion space, group-text-style.

Remnant: Learning From The Passionate Apostle

Together, you’ll discover things in God’s Word that you might not have noticed on your own.

Better Together

The Bible App is better with friends.

Squad Goals

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