2021 in Review

2021 Year in Review

This is a moment worth remembering.

Take a moment to think about this past year. For many of us, it’s been filled with bittersweet memories. But in the middle of chaotic times and uncertain futures, there was a hope we could all cling to: God is actively at work in our world, and He is shaping people through His Word.

Verse of the Year
Matthew 6:33

The Bible verse shared, bookmarked, and highlighted most by the global YouVersion Community during 2021.

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This year we have continued to see more people than ever before draw close to God through YouVersion.

50,700,000+ installs in 2021

Over 500 million total YouVersion installs

Every install is an opportunity for someone to experience God’s hope personally. This hope transcends circumstances, and it’s found when we seek God every day.

God is just getting started, but right now, we want to celebrate some of the things He’s accomplished in the YouVersion Community throughout 2021.

As you look at these astounding numbers, think about what they represent: hundreds of millions of lives that are seeking God … and finding Him.

Seeking God through His Word

“My marriage fell apart in 2017. I started reading the Bible on my phone as soon as I woke up. YouVersion was the only way I could access hundreds of Bible studies that were relevant for every feeling I’ve experienced. YouVersion is connecting the global Community to God and to one another, just like God asks. I not only love this app, I need it.


There are now 2,600 Bible versions and 1,100 audio Bibles available in over 1,700 languages in YouVersion.

Global Increase in Engagement

The countries showing the greatest increase in engagement during 2021.

World map

Seeking God through Prayer

“We really wanted to help people pray more consistently and meaningfully. The Lord’s Prayer gives us a pattern for well-balanced prayer. It starts with honoring God, it encourages us to honestly express our practical and spiritual concerns, and it leads us to respond to God in obedience. When we built the Guided Prayer experience, that was our inspiration for creating it.”

– SAM, YouVersion Product Manager

Guided Prayer

When you want to talk with God but you don’t know what to say, Guided Prayer can help you get started. The Guided Prayer experience launched earlier this year, and provides daily prompts that help you reflect on Scripture, draw closer to God, and talk to Him about what’s on your mind.

38.4 million
Guided Prayers Completed

YouVersion Prayer was created to help you have honest conversations with God, in community. And this year alone, millions of people have been sharing Prayers with Friends, and intentionally cultivating conversations with their Creator.

47.2 million
Prayers Created in 2021

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Seeking God Every Day

“My daughter represented our state at a regional swim championship. Instead of exchanging phone numbers with her swim friends, she would ask: “Are you on the Bible App?” If they weren’t, she would show them how to download the app and create an account, and then she’d invite them to her most recent Plan. She plans to keep up with her new swim friends by continuing to invite them to join studies with her. I love when my kids share God’s Word with friends who might not be encouraged in this area at home.”


1.4 billion
Bible Plan days completed in 2021

Find a Plan

A healthy relationship requires regular time spent together, and connecting with God is no different. That’s why we’ve been developing features that help our Community connect with God through His Word as they go about their day.

Verse of the Day Stories

Through reflection questions, daily prayers, Bible Plans, and video content from global leaders, Verse of the Day Stories is helping millions of people intentionally spend time with God.

159 million
Verse of the Day Stories completed

Verse of the Day Stories

Kids Bible Experience

Kids Bible Experience provides fresh, relevant content for preteens that helps them discover their own daily rhythm of seeking God.

Kids Bible Experience

5.6 million
Kids Bible Experience Stories completed

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