In New Bible App for Kids Story, “A Goodbye Meal,” Jesus Shares the Last Supper with His Disciples

Available now in the Bible App for Kids, “A Goodbye Meal” is the story of Jesus sharing the last supper with His disciples. Based on passages from Matthew 26:14–16, John 13:26–30, and Mark 14:12–26, “A Goodbye Meal” explains why the religious leaders didn’t like Jesus, then shows the events that gave us the Communion we still celebrate today: to remember all that Jesus sacrificed for us.

Jesus tries to show everyone how much God loves them by healing sick people and giving food to people who are hungry. But some leaders don’t like the things that Jesus is saying (and they’re jealous of Him), so they want to make Him go away. They pay one of Jesus’ followers, a man named Judas, to tell lies about Jesus so that the police will arrest Him.


But because Jesus is God, He already knows their mean plans. He even knows that Judas is secretly planning to help the bad leaders get Him in trouble! Jesus sits down to have a nice dinner with His main twelve followers, called disciples. As they are eating together, Jesus tells Judas in front of everybody that He knows what Judas is planning to do. Jesus tells Judas to go ahead and get it over with quickly, so Judas leaves to go get the bad men who will take Jesus away.

After Judas leaves, Jesus gives pieces of bread to His friends who stayed, and He shares a drink with them. He tells them, “When you eat bread—and drink together, too—remember all the things I did for you.” Jesus tells them that all the bad things that are about to happen need to happen, because that’s how God has decided He wants to forgive all of the bad things that people do. After Jesus and His friends finish eating, they sing a song together, then go to a special garden to pray…and wait.


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