New in the Bible App for Kids: “In the Garden”: Peter Denies Knowing Jesus

Available now in the Bible App for Kids, “In the Garden” picks up where the story “A Goodbye Meal” left off. Based on the passages Matthew 26:31–75 and John 18:1–8, after Jesus finishes eating the Last Supper with His friends, they go on a nighttime walk toward a big garden. On the way, Jesus tells them that soon they will all run away and leave Him. One of Jesus’ friends, Peter, insists, “I will never leave you!” But Jesus tells Peter that before the sun comes up the next morning, Peter will say he doesn’t know Jesus — three times!


When they get to the garden, Jesus asks His friends to pray with Him. But because it’s very late at night, they are all so tired that they fall asleep, and Jesus talks to God by Himself. Jesus knows that bad men will be coming soon to take Him away, so He tells God, “Father, I wish there was another way… still, I will do just what you say.”

Just then an angry mob shows up with torches, waking up Jesus’ friends. Another one of Jesus’ friends who had left earlier during their Last Supper, Judas, is with them. Judas walks straight to Jesus and kisses Him — a secret signal for the temple police to arrest Jesus. Jesus tells them, “I’m the one you’re looking for,” and they all fall backwards onto the ground.


When they get up and grab Jesus to take Him to the religious leaders, everybody runs away except Peter. Instead, Peter sneaks after the crowd to see what will happen. Three different times during the night, people ask Peter if he is one of Jesus’ friends, and every time he tells them, “I don’t even know Him!” As soon as Peter realizes that he has denied Jesus three times — just as Jesus said he would — he begins crying.

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