Bible App for Android: Use Less Data

We want to help you connect with God’s Word every day, even when you’re in places where network access is limited or where data is expensive. If you keep your Bible App up-to-date, then we hope you’ve already been enjoying the many new features we’ve introduced recently — along with our updates to existing ones — all designed to give you the best offline Bible App experience possible. Today we’re very excited to announce an all-new, super-practical feature we think you’re going to love:

Now you can control how much data the Bible App uses on your Android device.

Before the Bible App can show you images — in your Home feed, for example, or browsing through Bible Plans, or searching for Events — it has to download them first. When you have a strong Internet connection, that’s great. But if you have low signal on either Wi-Fi or cellular, those same images may not load quickly. This update helps you use less data by specifying which conditions the Bible App should consider before it loads images. When you want it to conserve data, the Bible App will display text instead, wrapping it in placeholders in attractive colors.

After you’ve run the update, look for “Downloading Images” in your Settings:


Auto Detect Download images at the optimum resolution available, based on the current network signal strength.
Wi-Fi Only Only download images when your device is connected to a wireless network.
Always Always download the highest-resolution images available.
Never Never download images, regardless of network connection.

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The Bible App has been installed on more than 235 million unique devices, all over the world. Developed by YouVersion, the Bible App offers more than 1,300 Bible versions, in more than 1,000 languages.

We want your Bible App experience to be as amazing as possible. So before you update or install this latest version, please check your device Settings to ensure that it’s up-to-date with the most recent release of Android available for your device. Some Bible App features may not be available on older devices, or on older versions of Android.

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