Your best self starts now.


Want to see your life transformed in 2019? It takes just one tiny habit. Start doing this one small thing, consistently, once a day.

Start one of these Plans, right now.

Bible in One Year 2019

Start a Plan and read the first day. Then off and on today, reflect on what today’s reading means to you.

The New You

That’s all it takes to start.

Help Me Grow My Leadership Capacity

Take each day’s reading one day at a time. Over time, those few minutes a day will add up.

Start Here | First Steps With Jesus

You might miss a day here and there.

GOD + GOALS: How To Set Goals As A Christian

That’s okay. The next day, just pick up wherever you left off. We’ll be there, every day.

God, Where Are You?!

Seriously, start now.

Go Do Say Give: The Freedom Of Surrender To Jesus

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Put God’s Word first.

Streaks help you build a habit, by showing you how many days in a row you use the Bible App. And if it looks like you might miss a day, the Bible App can send you a reminder. Streaks even reward you with special mini celebrations when you achieve new milestones.

“I love Streaks! My goal is to read the Bible every day… This impacts every aspect of my life: how I parent, how I run my business, and how I serve my church! Everything changes when He is my first!”


Look for Streaks in your Home Feed, and start building your daily Bible habit this year!

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