One invitation could change someone’s life.

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John wants to read a Plan with you.

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This is why community matters…

Alex was lost. He and his wife had made some bad decisions, and they felt purposeless. But then someone invited Alex to join a YouVersion Bible Plan. Because of this invitation, Alex discovered the power of God’s Word, and he gave his life to Jesus. One year later, his wife did the same thing.

“Now, I am the leader of a YouVersion Bible Plan group, my wife and I read His Word together every day, and I am still in the same YouVersion Plan group… but they are now my brothers in Christ and dear friends.”
— Alex

Invite Friends

When you invite someone to complete a Bible Plan with you, you’re inviting them to experience the life-changing power of God’s Word.

Today, start a Plan with Friends and see what God does through your faith-filled decision to pursue Him while making disciples.

Start a Plan with Friends

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