Sharing the App and Our First Giveaway Winner

During our live webcast last week, we invited everyone to join us in sharing the Bible App as we approach the historic milestone of 100 million installs. Our goal is to hit the mark before July 10, the 5th anniversary of the Bible App launching in the App Store. We have been blown away by the response of the YouVersion community so far!

People around the world have been sharing the Bible App on Twitter, Facebook, by email and SMS! Every day, the Bible App moves closer to 100 million installs. You can see the live ticker on our 100 Million Countdown page. And for us, this isn’t just some number. Those are people. Each new install represents one more opportunity for someone to discover a deeper connection with God through His Word.

Every week until July 10, we are giving away an iPad mini.* And today we’re ready to give away the first one!

This week’s winner is YouVersion user: jasonskinner71

You can take part in this world-changing revolution. And you can be entered to win next week’s iPad mini. It’s easy! Simply share the Bible App right now by opening up the Bible App, tapping the Share section of the menu, and then share away! The more times you share, and the more people you share with, the more opportunities you will have to win. More importantly, God’s Word has the power to change a life, a family, even an entire community…just as it changed yours.

*Certain restrictions apply. Not all prizes are available to be shipped to all countries and all territories.


Easy Ways to Help the Bible App Reach 100 Million

If you’ve been keeping up with the Bible App lately, then you probably already know that the worldwide YouVersion community is approaching an extraordinary milestone:

100 million installs!

While we’d love to get there by YouVersion’s 5th birthday on July 10, 2013, we need your help to make it happen. Here are 3 easy things you can do right now to let people know about the Bible App:

  1. Share from the Bible App. If you have the most current version of the Bible App for your Android or iOS device, open the main menu and select Share. Then just tap the button and follow the simple instructions. (But even if you can’t get to your Bible App right now, you can still visit our special page,, where we make it easy to share.)

  2. Show your support. Change your profile picture and cover photos to let your friends and followers know you love the Bible App. Just visit us on Twitter and Facebook, save one of our images, and make it your profile or cover photo. It’s fast and easy!

  3. Watch for opportunities. Wherever you are—hanging out with friends, in line at the grocery story, even at church—keep your eyes open for anyone using a smartphone. Ask them if they like their phone, then ask them if they know about the Bible App. Show them how to find it at or in their app store or, even better, install it for them (with permission, of course).

100 million may sound like a lot, but there are more than 7 billion people on the earth today. We’ve seen God do amazing things in the last 5 years, more than we could have ever asked or imagined. So we believe this is really just the very beginning. We believe that this could be the most Bible-engaged generation in history. And you can help!

Share and Win

Once a week, every Wednesday between now and July 10, we’ll be giving away prizes like iPads, iPad minis, T-shirts, and gift cards* to people who have shared the Bible App. All you need to do be entered in a prize drawing is share from inside the Bible App. Check in with us right here on our blog, and on Twitter and Facebook, for details and winners!

*Certain restrictions apply. Not all prizes are available to be shipped to all countries and all territories.

It Starts with 100 Million

As we announced yesterday during our webcast, the Bible App is approaching an historic milestone: 100 million installs! Each one of those new installs represents the opportunity for a changed life. We’d love to see that happen before the Bible App’s 5th anniversary on July 10, but we can only do it together, as the YouVersion community. You have two easy ways to share:

  1. From your iOS or Android device: Inside your Bible App, tap the slide-out menu and select Share. Then pick Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS message. It really is that simple!

  2. 100 Million Countdown: Besides offering more easy ways you can share the Bible App, the special counter shows you how close we are to 100 million!

Let’s make history together!

Special Webcast On Tuesday, June 11

Join us—and thousands of others from all over the world—for an online gathering where we’ll share some big news for the Bible App and how you can be a part of it. Also, we’ll be giving away an iPad mini*… and maybe a couple of other surprises!

Visit the link below to start sharing the webcast now. Then be sure you tune in right on time on Tuesday; this will be a short event, and you don’t want to miss anything!

Tuesday, June 11, 11:00am CDT 

large image


*Prizes available to U.S. residents only. To be entered in the drawings, share the webcast on Twitter, both before and during the event, using #BibleApp.

Worldwide YouVersion Community Shatters Records Throughout March

When The Bible series was breaking ratings records this past Sunday, attracting nearly 100 million viewers over the course of its run, YouVersion was making history as well with a month full of firsts:

  • The Bible series producers named the Bible App™ their official app of the series even before the first episode aired.

  • During the first episode of The Bible, YouVersion debuted its first-ever national television commercial in the U.S. And it continued to air multiple times each week throughout the series.

  • The brand new Videos feature launched, helping people experience the Bible’s stories and concepts visually from inside the Bible App.

  • Every Sunday in March landed on YouVersion’s top 10 list for most installs in a single day.

  • March 31, Easter Sunday (the same day as The Bible series finale) saw the most installs of the Bible App ever in a single day: more than 3.5 per second… all day.

And while each of these firsts are truly thrilling, even when we take them all together, still they don’t tell the whole story. You, the worldwide YouVersion community, broke several far more important records. Together during March, we:

  • Spent more than 3.4 billion minutes reading God’s Word.

  • Completed almost 671,000 reading plans, and

  • Shared more than 6 million Bible verses through Facebook, Twitter, email, and text messages.

Literally millions of people all over the world discovered the Bible App for the first time during March, thanks in part to your passion for the Bible. Thank you…for reading, listening, watching, and sharing it. You are an inspiration. Together, we’re helping more people engage with God’s Word than ever before.