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Verse of the Day

Daily Bible Verse from God’s Word to you.

Verse of the Day offers you a unique Bible verse for every day of the year. You can tell the Bible App to send you the Verse of the Day in a daily push notification, an email, or both. Just turn on the ones you want, then set the time you want it to come, which version you want, and your preferred language.


Verse of the Day phones

Wherever you are, it’s easy to get Verse of the Day.

The most recent Verse of the Day and Verse of the Day Image are always on your Home tab in the Bible App and at
Tap the  Android More Button  icon on Android,  iOS More Button  on iOS to:

  • Share it with friends.
  • Create your own Verse Image.
  • See Verse of the Day in the Bible Reader.
  • Compare it in several different Bible versions.
  • Copy it to paste somewhere else.
  • Subscribe or adjust your subscription Settings.

And, if you want to view any previous Verses of the Day, simply tap View All to list them all.

Verse of the Day is even on the Bible App for Voice.

Amazon Alexa Devices
Amazon Alexa Badge

“Alexa, enable the Bible App Skill.”

“Alexa, ask the Bible App to read me the Verse of the Day.”

Google Assistant Badge

“Ok Google, have YouVersion read me the Verse of the Day.”

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