100 Million Reasons to Celebrate

God is up to something amazing…

The Bible App has reached 100 MILLION installs
on smartphones and tablets around the world!

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The goal to reach 100 million by July 10 wasn’t reasonable. We knew something extraordinary would have to happen for us to get here…and it did. You, the incredible YouVersion community, responded in a huge way. We didn’t just hit our target—we beat it by a few days. Thank you!

YouVersion represents a global coalition of people passionate about helping others engage with God’s Word. To all of the Bible societies and Bible publishers, churches, pastors, and volunteers: thank you for your generosity!

What’s most exciting about this milestone is what it represents: today people are interacting with the Bible on a scale we’ve never witnessed before. It’s awe-inspiring to see what God is doing.

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And we believe this is just the beginning. It starts with 100 million. What would it look like if more than 1 billion people could access God’s Word, anytime, anywhere, and in any language?

Let’s find out together. Ours could truly be the most Bible-engaged generation in history!


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