Jesus Sets a Man Free in a New Bible App for Kids Story, “Demons Destroyed”

“Demons Destroyed” is the newest story in the Bible App for Kids. Your kids will thrill at seeing Jesus set a man free from evil spirits that had been tormenting him for years. Based on Mark 5:1–20, as Jesus and his disciples are walking by a cemetery near the Sea of Galilee, they meet a very troubled man. When evil spirits that live inside the man beg Jesus to leave them alone, the man tells Jesus that he has “lots” of mean spirits inside him. Jesus tells the bad spirits they have to leave, making them go into a herd of pigs nearby. All the pigs run into a lake together and drown.


When the pig herders go tell the people in town what happened, everyone comes out to see for themselves. But when they see how different the man is, it makes them afraid, so they ask Jesus to leave. When the grateful man wants to go with Jesus, Jesus tells him he should stay and tell people his happy story instead — that when Jesus crossed the Sea of Galilee, he cast out “Lots” and set him free. And that’s just what the man did!


If you already have the Bible App for Kids, all you need to do to get “Demons Destroyed” is open the Bible App for Kids and tap the new story icon. But even if you don’t have the app yet, getting it is easy — and it’s free! Just click one of the buttons below.


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