In New Bible App for Kids Story, “Journeys for Jesus,” Paul Faces Danger Throughout his Travels

Available now in the Bible App for Kids, “Journeys for Jesus” shows that even though it’s really hard for Paul to go to faraway places to tell others about Jesus, his work helps a lot of people — and it’s still helping us today! This thrilling new adventure follows Paul on his travels through much of the New Testament book of Acts: chapters 13–14; 16; 20–21; 25; and 27–28.

When God’s Spirit leads Paul to tell as many people as he can about Jesus, a lot of the people he visits are so happy that they start churches. But then, some other people — people who don’t like the things Paul is saying — have him put in jail. Then soldiers put Paul on a boat to take him to Rome, a big city where he will have to stand before a judge.

Storms are coming as they load the boat, but the captain decides they should go anyway. Their boat gets caught in a giant storm that tosses them around for several days, and eeveryone is afraid they’ll sink. But an angel comes to Paul at night and says, “Don’t be scared, Paul! God is looking out for you — and all the people with you, too!” Soon after, just like the angel said, even though their boat crashes, every single person makes it safely to an island nearby.


They stay on the island until all the storms pass. While they’re there, Paul prays for a very sick man, and God heals him. Eventually, another boat comes and picks them up, and they continue on toward Rome. When they finally get there, because Paul is still a prisoner, soldiers chain him up in a house. While Paul waits for his trial to start, he writes letters to many of the churches that he had visited during his travels. Those letters that Paul wrote are in the Bible now… and we still read them today!


If you already have the Bible App for Kids, all you need to do to get “Journeys for Jesus” is open the app and tap the new story icon. But even if you don’t have the app yet, getting it is easy — and it’s free! Just click one of the buttons below.


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