YouVersion’s 2017 Half-Year Challenge: A fresh start to your Bible habit.

Half-Year Challenge Starts Soon
If you joined us for the 21-Day Challenge earlier this year, then you know how great it can feel to start a daily Bible reading habit. We’re convinced that one of the best ways to start engaging with the Bible every day is to complete one short Plan after another.

That’s what the Half-Year Challenge is all about: helping you renew your daily habit of connecting with God’s Word.

For two weeks beginning June 25, let us inspire you!

Prize Pack

Here’s how it works.

Between June 25 and July 8, complete at least seven days in a row of Bible Plan daily readings, and you’ll earn our special 2017 Half-Year Challenge badge, and be eligible for exciting prizes.

You don’t have to do just one Plan that’s seven days. You can be in the middle of a Plan that’s longer than seven days. Or you can complete a Plan that you’re already doing, then start a new one immediately after it. Just make sure you complete at least one day of at least one Plan every day, for seven days in a row!

Official Rules

📲  Get the Bible App

Make sure you have the Bible App installed on a device (or devices), or on the web at, that you will be able to use every day from June 25th to July 8th.

✔  Sign Up for a Free Account

If you haven’t already, create your own free YouVersion account (or sign in with Facebook or Google).

📑  Start a Bible Plan

Sign up for a Bible Plan — or for several. We recommend that you browse through Plans that interest you and use Save for Later to collect the ones you want to use for the Half-Year Challenge.

Note: You don’t have to begin a new Plan on June 25th. If you already started a Plan before June 25th — or more than one — that’s great! Just keep going, and don’t miss any days. (Keep reading for more.)

🗓  Read Each Day

At least 7 days in a row from June 25th to July 8th, go to your Plans > My Plans and complete the daily selection for at least one of the Plans you’re subscribed to.

IMPORTANT! Each day when you complete your selections, make sure they get checked off. (More on this in a moment.)

👏🏽  Share Your Progress, Be Entered to Win Prizes

After you complete a day’s reading, inside the Bible App, go to that Plan’s Info page (  More icon  > Plan Info), tap the share icon (  Android Share icon  or  iOS Share icon  ) and share your Plan to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and include the hashtag #HalfYearResolution. Sharing is not necessary to earn your Badge, but it is required to be entered to win one of many prizes we’ll be giving away.

IMPORTANT! When you post on social media, we cannot see posts that are “Friends,” “Private,” or “Only Me.” Make sure that you mark your social media post as “Public” — AND that you include #HalfYearResolution — or we won’t be able to see your entry.

1 Prizes include YouVersion-branded items such as a T-shirt, stickers, drinkware, tablets, and more. Prizes are subject to change or substitution based on availability. Winners will be contacted with details about how to receive their prizes. Because of some limitations with international shipping, not all items will be available to ship to all countries.

🏅  Earn a Badge!

All users who complete the Half-Year Challenge — reading the day’s selections from at least one Bible Plan each day for 7 days in a row (June 25th to July 8th) — will receive their special commemorative badge in the Bible App. (No Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram posts required.)

IMPORTANT! Badges will be automatically awarded based upon having 7 days in a row checked off during the Challenge. This is why it is so important that you ensure that each day’s reading is ACTUALLY CHECKED OFF.

Start by finding some Plans.

The Half-Year Challenge begins in just a few days, so we recommend that you start looking now for the Plans you’ll want to do during the Challenge. The Plans we’ve listed below aren’t required for the Challenge; they’re just some ideas to help you get started. When you find a Plan you think you’d enjoy, open it and tap “Save for Later.” Then, remember to start your Plan on June 25!

Discover Plans

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