Introducing “Free Bible” Pages for Your Organization

We live in exciting times! Through the Internet and mobile technology, more people than ever can access the Bible anytime, anywhere. And today, we’d like to introduce an opportunity for you to join us in this mission to spread God’s Word. With a Free Bible page, your church, business, company, or organization can generously offer a free Bible and connect people to the the life-transforming power of the Holy Spirit as they engage in Scripture.

For no cost, we’ll create a Free Bible page on featuring your logo and a personal message from your organization. Actually, we’ll create two different pages: a page that’s optimized for mobile and another for standard web browsers. The content will focus on making it easy to download the free Bible app.

An Example

Oral Roberts University is having their first chapel of the semester this Friday. ORU President Mark Rutland will ask students to pull out their phones and visit to get a free Bible. ORU took the initiative to set up that customized link, which will redirect to the standard URL we provided on our web site:

Would you like to have a Free Bible page for your organization?

Your organization has influence over people that might not discover the free Bible app on their own. This is a great opportunity for us to partner with incredible organizations like yours, who share our passion for spreading God’s Word.  Fill out this form if you would like to have a Free Bible page like this for your organization.

8 Replies to “Introducing “Free Bible” Pages for Your Organization”

  1. Terry -Great idea! I assume that this is for Bibles/translations already on YouVersion? As Virtual Storehouse provides more foreign languages in OSIS format for you, is there a way we can use something like this to promote the availability of a new language/translation?

    I am very interested in promoting YouVersion from our site and this seems like a possibility?

    What do you think?



  2. Don, we would love to have you guys use this tool at VS. You are correct, this would allow people to download and use the Bible App as it stands today…but we are continually adding more and more translations. We are excited to be working with you and Todd on adding more and more translations.

    Hope that helps!

    Thanks for all the other great comments. We are excited to see more and more people engage with Scripture!

    1. Randy, that sounds like a great idea! Depending on how many churches in your district will participate, you can either fill out this form for each one or contact me directly to make that process a little less laborious for you.

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