Bible App for Android gets updated!

We’re extremely excited to share all the details of the new Android Bible app with you today. This release (2.2) represents two months of re-imagining, redesigning, and development by our entire team and we think the investment has paid off with a one-of-a-kind Bible reading experience. In this release, you’ll find:

  • a complete redesign of the entire interface of the app
  • a brand new dashboard for quick navigation of key areas
  • dozens of small enhancements that make a big difference
Let’s jump into the fun details and take a look at some screenshots along the way.

Complete Redesign
Two months ago, we went back to the drawing board with the Android Bible app design to make reading the Bible an even more pleasing experience on your Android device. We thought through every element, menu item, and button to make sure you you could get around in the app easily and focus on Scripture.

The redesign is too extensive to detail here, so take a peek at a couple screenshots and download the 2.2 release to experience the real thing. The biggest enhancements can be found in the Bible reader and reading plans.

New Dashboard
When we released the Palm webOS Bible app, we saw the benefit for our users to have a dashboard to act as a central hub for the main components of the app. The Android Bible app’s dashboard now includes a news section where you’ll find announcements about YouVersion, warnings about scheduled server maintenance, ways to connect with the YouVersion team on Twitter and Facebook, and a few splashes of color for your visual enjoyment.

Lots of Small Tweaks
We love to enhance the little things that make your experience the best it can be. Our team made over 70 changes to the Android Bible app for this release (some seen and some unseen) including tweaks that will improve the speed of the app, better communication with the user, and small design adjustments. Here are a few samples:

  • double-tap the header to scroll to the top
  • progress bars in the reading plans list for plans you’ve started
  • sharing multiple verses at one time
  • your bookmarks sync automatically with
  • donate to YouVersion inside the app
  • more helpful error messages when something goes wrong
  • lots of little bug fixes

We know you’ll enjoy the changes in release 2.2 of the Android Bible app, so download it now and engage with Scripture like never before.

40 Replies to “Bible App for Android gets updated!”

    1. That’s a good question. We’ve looked into it and it’s on our roadmap, but I can’t give you a definitive timeline for that feature. But, when it is announced, we’ll be sure to announce it here.

      1. The most important missing thing is the offline translations. It’s been in iPhone for a long time — please prioritize it on Android. It should help take some load off the servers.

      2. I find that whenever I’m gathered with other people at a scripture-oriented event, the number of phones in one area is actually so high that my carrier’s 3g doesn’t actually *work*, and in my case one of those areas has a router that’s secured, the other just doesn’t work right for some reason.

        So basically, until this is fixed, like I can use this app at home, but not really anywhere else I need to, at all, ever.

  1. Great job guys. This is by far the best Bible experience available for Android (and all other platforms I think).

    Thanks for your dedication to the awesome tool!


  2. Looks amazing! Reading plans now sync with the website properly! Great job guys! Any chance we will be able to do the audio streaming soon? I love that option online.

    1. We’re looking into what it would take to stream audio to YouVersion’s millions of users. We have some really great ideas for how to execute a really useful audio Bible feature.

      1. when that happens, I will have zero use for my other Bible apps. bring it!

  3. Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time now. The wait was definitely worth it! Thanks

  4. Awesome app got even better! Great new interface and most important, syncing properly with the web. Now what’s left? I would like to be able to write contributions to specific verses like I can do on the web, but I would like to do that on the app for Android. I also see I cannot really call up a contribution to the specific verse I am reading, which is rather inconvenient if I am teaching using the Android app. Contributions button seems to only bring up the list of updated contributions and not the specific contributions to the verse i have marked. This fix would make this app the best and most complete!

    1. Glad you like the update! We have some special plans for Contributions that we’re already working on. We’ll announce it soon.

  5. I really like this version of Youversion, I have been telling people about this for almost a year now and each new person keeps telling me how easy it is to use!!! thanks for your dedication and updating the adroids!!!

    question: with anything new there are other ideas, where could I submit some of those ideas to you guys?

  6. I.. love.. it.. already raised the offline thing, know it’s coming.. put up a thing feature requests about replacing the arrows that navigate back and forward through the chapters with the flick mechanism my HTC Desire runs, not sure if it’s possible, but i had it done in another app i use (Aussie Rules Football, of all things!) that did it, made navigation so much easier! just a thought, anyway..

  7. Great app and the new features are awesome.

    Unfortunately it crashes a lot on my HTC Droid Eris and I would like the option to skip the first page and go straight to the text when launching the app.

    1. Would you mind sending a bug report from the Dashboard menu concerning your crashes?

      To jump directly to the reader, just leave the app by hitting the “home” button while viewing the reader. It will hold your state and you will be taken back to the reader when you return to the app.

      1. Thanks for the reply! You guys are awesome.

        I did send the crash report.

        Thanks for the suggestion but I would prefer not to leave the app running in the background so that I can skip the main screen.

  8. Is there a way to reset the reading plan, so that you can start from day one from the date you start? In other words, I notice if I start a reading plan today, it puts me on day 253 because the plan starts on January 1st. Along those same lines, is there a way to “catch up” on your reading plan, and assign the date you want as a start date?

    I am talking about doing all this on Android.


    1. You can reset the dates for the start and end of your reading plan from the YouVersion website, but not from any mobile app. However, the only plan that defaults to start on January 1 is the Life Journal plan. All the others start from today.

  9. Thank you SO much for this awesome app! The upgrade has just taken it to a whole new level. LOVE IT!!!

  10. am still having trouble logging into my youversion on my phone and how do you go back and scroll through the bible and find what chapter you would like to read? I LOVE this app.! Thank you SO much! I get to read my bible anywhere!

  11. I have an HTC Evo running Android 2.2 Froyo, when I did the update this am, I lost the ability to launch the program from the icon. I removed from homepage and tried to add it back but it won’t let me add. It will also not launch from the list of programs. I CAN get it to launch by searching for it in the Market, but it does not show up in my downloaded apps… Known issue? Fix? I don’t want to uninstall and re-install because I’ll lose my bookmarks… Other than that, when I can view it, it’s AMAZING. Such a great improvement. Love what you all do!!!!

  12. Tobra, I had the same problem when I updated the Bible App to 2.2 last night to my HTC EVO. I went to ‘Menu’, ‘Applications’, ‘Manage Applications’, selected Bible to uninstall it, and then went back to the app market, and reinstalled it. It went really quick(quicker than a normal download) and now my Bible app icon works like it did before and it picked up where I left off prior to the update. So I am not sure if you will loose your book marks, but this worked for me. Maybe copy your book marks or write them down so you can reinsert them just in case you loose them. Hope this helps! God Bless!

  13. Hello,

    First of all, i’d like to say i really love this app!
    But ever since the update on 09/09 i have troubles with loading reading plans and picking other translations.

    It seems to take ages to load a reading plan and search for the day you are looking for. (I sometimes like to read some days of the plan several times)

    And i can’t find where to change my translation of the bible.
    I’m Dutch and i have a NBG translation on my bookshelf wich i like to read. And theres only the Statenvertaling in Dutch.
    So i chose to set my YouVersion to the The Message translation and i can’t seem to use that ever since this update.

    Any help please?

    God bless,

    1. Hello once more,

      I feel so dumb right now, haha…
      I just read more about this update and i learned that i could tap the title bar to change books and translations.
      Wich is really nice to be honest. 🙂

      But still, loading reading plans is still a pain in the lower back. I don’t know why it’s so slow, i checked several times on several locations where i knew i would have a good connection. And still it takes me beyond ages to load a reading plan and browse trough the days i have allready read and am still to read.

      Can anyone please explain that to me if there is a proper explanation for it?

      Kind regards,

  14. awesome update. looks and feels amazing. I do have to say that offline would be greatly appreciated though. Thanks and keep up the excellent work

  15. Just downloaded it to my phone. Signed up with youversion, still waiting for my verification email. Plus, when I tried registering with my work email, I received an error message telling me that there’s already an account registered with that email. You folks need to implement something that deletes accounts that have not been verified. I now have attempted to sign up using three different email accounts. 2 are waiting for verification and 1 isn’t able to sign up because apparently the email has already been used, which is impossible because there’s NOBODY else who could have my work email address and have verified the account. Please fix it. I’m very disappointed.

  16. I am having the same issues as Tobra above. HTC Eris 2.1. I uninstalled/reinstalled, and the icon works now, but still cannot sign in. Sent an email to the developer–hope to hear back that this issue has been corrected soon.

  17. Hi There, just migrated from iPhone to Android (after 2.5yrs) and one of the first apps to follow me is the bible from YouVersion, you can imagine my shock to discover it doesnt come with offline translations. I know you guys are doing a fantastic job especially as these apps are free to us, but, please please, lets have offline translations… Thanks.

  18. This new version is amazing. The interface is beautiful and intuitive. However, offline translations are just about a deal breaker on the utility of this app.

    For instance, I was looking forward to using this application while at the Keswick Convention a month ago. Unfortunately, network coverage was so bad that I only managed to get verses pulled up a few times over the week.

    I very much appreciate the attention spent in this version to improving the UI, etc. But now that version is out, offline support should not be an item on the roadmap, but the primary item being worked on in the present.

    Please fix this problem or many of us will be forced to find an alternative Android Bible solution.

  19. This new update is do. Hard to use can I download the. Previous. Version

    1. Update made this app unusable for me. I hardly uses English, but instead dutch and French. Now I cannot even find translations, and orbooks easily accessible. What happened to the menu button?
      Please make old app available.

  20. I don’t like this version at all 🙁
    – Too much spacing between verses
    – Some versions don’t wrap text so the verse ends up with
    a word or two on an empty line
    – The text flickers when I scroll
    – You added huge font headers in some places between
    – Verses begin with a verse number on one line, then the
    next line is the verse, then white space, then verse
    number 2. This is a total waste of screen real-estate. I
    mean come’on, I’m on a tiny Android phone screen here!

    Ok, so how do I get the previous version back? I want to uninstall this version 🙁

  21. I just got the update and I must say I am a bit disappointed. There are several issues that I am experiencing. The readings plans load sometimes and sometimes they don’t! Once I get to reading plans the scripture for that day seldom ever loads. I hope this can be fixed as I seriously love this Bible App but if I cannot use it then it is worthless. Please help!

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