YouVersion’s Amazing Growth & Challenges

September has been a challenging month for YouVersion’s awesome users and our team. Over the past few weeks we have seen more downtime than we would want. YouVersion’s reliability is very important to us and we are working hard to make sure you can always access God’s Word through or any of its mobile apps.

We’re passionate about Scripture engagement and our dream is to see YouVersion grow exponentially as people around the world gain access to the Bible. That kind of growth is accompanied by technical hurdles, and they often come in waves.

When YouVersion experienced a large spike in growth earlier this year, we gathered all of our resources to make sure YouVersion could handle the increase. We’re doing the same now, dedicating our development team to strengthen our infrastructure and handle the masses of new people discovering YouVersion for the first time.

As you may remember, our growing pains in January were the result of hitting a milestone of 4 million YouVersion users, which we celebrated in February. Just 8 months later, YouVersion is now up to almost 9 million users and we’re beginning to see the strain on our infrastructure once again. And with a growth rate of about 900,000 new users each month, fortifying YouVersion is going to be an ongoing task.

YouVersion is blessed with an amazing community of passionate users. We’re thankful for your patience and your prayers as we aim to reach the world with God’s Word. With a global population of about 6.9 billion people, we have a long way to go, but we serve a big God!

What is impossible with men is possible with God. Luke 18:23

12 Replies to “YouVersion’s Amazing Growth & Challenges”

  1. Congratulations on the milestone. May the God who knows all continue to bless your work, as well as all who want to know His Word.

  2. Hang in there guys and keep up the good work! You’ve made a major impact on my spiritual life and have helped me read The Word much more than before! God bless!

  3. Keep up the great work of spreading God’s Word. Amazing application and I use it everyday.

    1. Great to see you guys growing! Bet this wasn’t in your wildest dreams :-). God does have a way of surprising us. Thank you for your hard work and faith! Keep up the good work!

  4. Like Paul you guys have become aware of an altar of worship to an unknown God in human culture & you you are using & redeeming it to declare the one true God to the Nations! Well done to the whole LC team! We are so grateful Kev & Anne

  5. Praising God for YouVersion, praying hard for the team behind it!!

  6. I’ve had time to read the Bible again since downloading this app. I also love the fact that I can share passages I’ve read to friends and have helped encouraged them. Thanks YouVersion team! You have definitely made an impact in my life! 😀

  7. No complaints whatsoever everyday I use my you version Bible I am so creatively really appreciate the inputs from others

  8. Guys,

    I am new to youversion. I have just signed up. It is next to impossible to download an android version of this application as it keeps going round in circles. Can someone please look into the website code and rectify. Its driving me nuts Already.

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