11 Days…1 Million Installs

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Earlier in December, we asked you to help us spread the word about Share the Bible Day. We’ve already told you about the amazing response we saw on Christmas Day. But also during December, something incredible happened, unprecedented in the history of YouVersion:

In just 11 days, 1 million people installed the Bible App™ on their mobile devices.

For a little perspective, that works out to more than one install per second…for 11 days straight! Now millions of people are discovering what you already know: That using tools like the Bible App and others, it’s easier than ever to make the Bible a part of our daily lives. In fact, starting in two days, we’d like to ask you to take part as we aspire to reach 1 billion minutes of reading together in the Bible App—during just the month of January.

We’re a small staff here at YouVersion; we don’t personally know a million people. But collectively, we and you actually know millions—and what’s more, we’re connected to billions! You are an important part of a revolution taking place right now: Millions of people around the world are discovering the Bible, or in some cases rediscovering it. God is using your passion and efforts to share the Bible (His Word) with millions of others.

1 million installs in 11 days seem huge. But even more significantly, 6,869,358,569 more people still need to know about the Bible App—and each one of us has a role to play. Keep posting. Keep tweeting. Keep sharing. Keep engaging. There is so much more to come!

5 Replies to “11 Days…1 Million Installs”

    1. @jake: While I share your concern on the accuracy of the Bible app that Youversion has; I would still encourage for more people to download this. As long as it is not an error on fundamentals (such as deliberately distorting the message of salvation), it will do. Let’s be thankful that God is using a handful of people to reach millions and let’s continue to pray for them. I am now more convinced that what the Scripture says is true; that the message will be spread to the four corners of the earth.

  1. @jake. I can see your concern to fix the mistakes but your message to YOUVERSION seems short and inappropriate. The guys are doing an amazing job as a small staff to deliver a FREE APP, which you must know cost their church time and money, for the user (namely us) to complain and gripe over. If there are erros maybe its best they get some volunteers to help with typos so they can work on brining us the best app, best tools, copyright contracts etc. to the Bible App

    I am not here to cause trouble, but I don’t like it when people are ungrateful to the faithful work of faithful servants of God.

  2. Dear YouVersion Staff,

    Thanks a million for your efforts to bring this app to Blackberry and similar.
    I personally am one of those rediscovering the Bible and value every aspect made available via this fantastic platform. Being able to read to hearts content, see comments from community members, having Reading Plans to look forward to every morning is just some of the things I enjoy.

    It has caused me to ensure I get up every morning a tad earlier, just to be able to read and spend some personal time in God’s presence, thanks to your efforts.

    My prayer, that I may be instrumental in helping spreading to those that do not know of this app as more importantly, the same may not know God or may know of Him, but do not know Him.

    Keep the great work going!
    Kind regards

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