Wait for it… Choose your own Bible Lens verse!

Bible Lens - Pick your own verse

Enjoying Bible Lens? By now it’s probably made you laugh, brought tears, and even given you the warm fuzzies. But what about those times you think of a specific verse you really want to use, and Bible Lens doesn’t pick that one? Great news…

Now you can choose your own verse in Bible Lens!

Just tap the + in the list of Bible verses to pick your own (like “John 3:16”). You can even search for the verse you want by typing out whatever part you can remember (like, “For God so loved the world”). And don’t forget to share your awesome Bible Lens creations with us on Instagram with #BibleLens!

Give it a Try!

Help these 20,000 people get their first Scripture ever.

Bible For Everyone

Do you believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word?

Do you give God’s Word a voice in your life?
What if the Bible didn’t exist in your language?
For more than a billion people, it doesn’t.1
You can help change that…

What if everyone had the same opportunity to hear from God’s Word?

Ministries are already working to get the New Testament translated into most of the world’s languages by 2033. Through #BibleForEveryone, we’re helping fund high-impact projects that they can complete quickly.2 So far, the YouVersion Community has already helped more than 1.5 million people get Scripture in their language.3

This is your chance to make an eternal difference in the lives of 20,000 people.

Give now, and help the Mosiye people of southern Ethiopia get the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, as well as several key Bible stories translated into their language, Bussa. Your generosity can help give these 20,000 people4 the first Scripture they’ve ever had. It’s simple:

Give Now

As believers, one day we’ll experience the great joy of meeting people in Heaven whose lives we touched here on Earth.

…I looked, and there in front of me was a multitude that no one could count, people from every tribe and every nation.



1 See illumiNations’ website for details.

2 All contributions received through the #BibleForEveryone campaign will be used exclusively for the purpose of Bible translation. Additionally, Life.Church is contributing $1 million over the four-year period from 2017-2020. During each calendar year, Life.Church is contributing $250,000, spread across different, high-impact translation projects. As each project is completed, any remaining funds contributed to this campaign are then applied toward the next translation project, as selected by YouVersion and its partners. (See original blog post for full details.)

3 In Zambia, Tanzania, Southeast Asia, and Gabon.

4 The Joshua Project: Bussa.

NLT Now Available Offline! Plus Many Others…

NLT Now Available Offline

The New Living Translation Bible is now available to download and use while offline! Thanks to the generosity of Tyndale House Publishers, now you can download the NLT directly to your mobile device: so you’ll be able to read it anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Download NLT Now

Versions Screen

And there’s more.

The Bible App offers many versions you can use while offline. In the Bible reader, tap on the Version abbreviation at the top, then look for any version with a Download link next to it. That’s it!

See Bible Versions

Now Your Children Can Experience the Bible App for Kids in Nepali!

Bible App for Kids

Today, together with our partner OneHope, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Bible App for Kids in Nepali. Now, more children than ever have the opportunity to enjoy a Bible experience all their own.

Switching between languages is easy, right in the app’s Settings:

  1. Make sure you’ve updated your app to the most current release.
  2. Open the app and tap the gear icon () to open Settings.
  3. Tap Language and select the one you want.

The audio will now play in that language, and any text will appear in that language, too!

Please help us celebrate this great news!

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Bible App for Kids Jesus

About the Bible App for Kids

Developed in partnership with OneHope, the Bible App for Kids is from YouVersion, makers of the Bible App. Designed to give children a delight-filled Bible experience all their own, the Bible App for Kids has already been installed on over 25 million Apple, Android, and Kindle devices, and it’s always completely free. Kids from all over the world are now enjoying the Bible App for Kids, in 41 languages — now including Nepali!

Download on the App Store Badge Get it on Google Play Badge Available at Amazon Badge

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