Bible App for Kids now syncs across devices!

Bible App for Kids Profiles

“Hey! This has all my stars!”

Your child’s Bible App for Kids awards have always been stored on the device where they earned them. If your kids got a new device, or if you let them use Bible App for Kids on a different phone, they had to start from scratch. Not anymore.

Now progress is saved for each of your kids, synced across all your devices!

As a parent or guardian, the latest Bible App for Kids update lets you sign in with your existing YouVersion account and set up a unique avatar for each child. Adding a profile is fast and easy. Your kids can even pick their favorite avatar and color.

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Moms and Dads, we have something for you, too.

We’re still putting the finishing touches on a weekly email from Bible App for Kids, customized for your family, that will show you which stories your child completed and which awards they earned. More importantly, your email will also include a short summary of each story, discussion questions you can ask your child (with the answers), and a simple activity you can do together!

Featured: Francis Chan, Christine Caine, Hillsong UNITED & more

Featured: Francis Chan, Christine Caine, Hillsong UNITED & moreThe Book Of James

The Book Of James
Francis Chan, 12 Days

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Hillsong UNITED, 5 Days

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Christine Caine, 12 Days

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Jesus In All Of Exodus

Jesus In All Of Exodus
Spoken Gospel, 14 Days

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Haven't Seen It Yet

Haven’t Seen It Yet
Danny Gokey, 5 Days

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Truth Plus Love

Truth Plus Love
Matt Brown, 6 Days

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God’s Got This: Praying For Kids In Foster Care

God’s Got This: Praying For Kids In Foster Care
Ignite Hope, 7 Days

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God Hears Us Pray

God Hears Us Pray
Echo Prayer, 7 Days

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Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Whether you call them Bible Plans, Reading Plans, or Devotionals, we offer Plans that cover a broad range of interests, including many in categories you may not have tried yet. Struggling with stress? Looking for wisdom for your relationships? Need a dose of hope or inspiration? Our Discover feature makes it easy and fun to find just the right Plans for the season of life you’re in!

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Where do you start in the Bible?

If you’re like most people, you got the Bible App because you believe the Bible is important. And it is! The Bible is God’s inspired Word, with the power to create positive change in your life. But the Bible is like a whole library of books, with so much to explore.

Where should you begin?

Start here.

On the app, tap the Search tab (bottom right), where you’ll find several different ways to get into the Bible:



Type anything you want in the search box, and see Bible verses and more.

What does the Bible say about…


Tap any keyword to see Bible verses and Plans on that topic.

How are you feeling?

😀  😠  😢  😨

Tap an emoji to discover what God’s Word says about your emotions.

Bible Stories.

Tap to see a list of the “big” stories of the Bible, so you can read or listen to them in their original context.

Verse Images.

Select any Verse Image to see the reference, to share it, to read it in context, and even to see Plans that contain that verse.

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Have you heard? Jesus is ALIVE!

Verse Image for John 11:25

2,000 years ago Jesus walked the earth, so He knew what it was like to be us. He also knew what it would cost Him to save us… and yet He chose to do it anyway. Today, we celebrate His power over death. Because He lives, so can we!

Let’s celebrate Jesus’ resurrection together.

Spread the joy of this Good News with those who need to hear it: Jesus is alive!

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“A Happy Sunday” on Bible App for Kids

Experience “A Happy Sunday” with Bible App for Kids.

Celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with touch-activated animations and vibrant artwork. The children in your life will love exploring “A Happy Sunday,” the Easter story in Bible App for Kids. And you’ll love how Story Mixup, Story Memory Match, Story Sticker Time, and Color the Story help them remember what they’re learning.

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Easter photos on Bible Lens

Rediscover Easter with Bible Lens.

Whatever you’re doing: dressing up for Resurrection Sunday services, preparing food for family coming over later, chasing kids as they hunt for eggs…

Let God’s Word speak into your life today.

Use Bible Lens to take a picture, and watch what happens. Whatever feels Bible Lens gives you — joy, humor, insight, wisdom — share that love with your friends on social media with the hashtag #BibleLens.

We can’t wait to see what Scripture says to you! Tomorrow we’ll re-post some of our favorites at @biblelensapp on Instagram!

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Discover the Easter story

Easter videos in the Bible App

What was Resurrection Sunday like?

This week, celebrate the Resurrection with people you love. Go on a powerful, immersive journey through Holy Week together. Watch videos from our Easter Collection — featuring Jesus Film Project, Lumo, and Lightworkers Media.

Discover iconDiscover it:

You can also look up any Easter passage in the Bible App, then tap the Discover icon to find all of these videos, plus more from The Bible Project.

And as always, explore the Videos feature of the Bible App, at, and on the Bible App for Apple TV.

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