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For all your new devices — including the ones still on their way for the holidays — chances are good we have a Bible App for them, too. You can find the Bible App in all kinds of places, such as on Amazon devices, Apple TV, and Apple Watch, to name just a few. Check bible.com/app or search for “Bible” in your device’s app store to see what we have for you.

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Don’t forget to get the Bible App for Kids on all your kids’ new devices — so they can start enjoying it as soon as they get them unwrapped!

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Prepare your heart for Immanuel.

Are you ready for Christmas?

In the busyness of the holiday season, it’s easy to become so distracted that we forget why we’re even celebrating: the gift of Immanuel, “God with us.” Advent begins today, November 27, giving us the four weeks leading up to Christmas to reflect on the miracle of God choosing to enter the world in human form.

Please join us in spreading the message of God’s love for all people by sharing this Verse Image. We’ve even included some example text below to help you decide what you want to say.



Today is the first day of #Advent. Let’s get ready for Christmas! http://share.bible.com/2016-11-advent/get-ready-for-christmas-en.html

Will you join me in starting an #Advent Plan in the Bible App? http://share.bible.com/2016-11-advent/get-ready-for-christmas-en.html

I’m getting my heart ready for Christmas with an #Advent Bible Plan. http://share.bible.com/2016-11-advent/get-ready-for-christmas-en.html

Are you ready for Christmas? I’m starting with a YouVersion Bible Plan. #Advent http://share.bible.com/2016-11-advent/get-ready-for-christmas-en.html



121 121 Advent
121 Community Church, 24 days
waiting-here Waiting Here for You, An Advent Journey of Hope
Louie Giglio, 7 days
season Rediscovering the Christmas Season
Life.Church, 25 days
greg-laurie Christmas Encouragement by Greg Laurie
Greg Laurie, 25 days
god-so-loved Our Daily Bread Christmas Edition: For God So Loved
Our Daily Bread, 10 days
worship-initive Christmas: The Worship Initiative
The Worship Initiative, 10 days
king-is-coming The King Is Coming
Seacoast Church, 26 days


We have many reasons to give God thanks.


We have many reasons to give God thanks.

For each of us at YouVersion, when we discovered God’s story of love for us in His Word, it changed our lives. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping people engage with Bible. And today, all over the world, more people than ever before are turning to the Bible to see what God wants to say to them through His Word. That’s a great reason to celebrate!

7-days 7 Days of Thanksgiving
goTandem, 7 days
thanksgiving A Plan of Thanksgiving
YouVersion, 14 days 
family Thanksgiving Family Reading Plan
What’s in the Bible, 5 days
thankfulness Thankfulness
American Bible Society, 7 days 
the-power-of-being-thankful The Power of Being Thankful
Joyce Meyer Ministries, 14 days


Thanksgiving Plans

And the next Bible App for Kids activity is…


Sticker Story Time lets your child tell the story.

The next all-new story activity for the Bible App for Kids is here: Sticker Story Time! Sticker Story Time helps children replay each story again and again in their imagination. At the end of select Bible stories,1 kids will find a full set of characters and objects from that story. They can drag and drop stickers to recreate scenes from the story, moving them around on the background, and even overlapping them.

Download the latest Bible App for Kids and look for the new Sticker Story Time badge on story icons.2

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1 Sticker Story Time is available for Dreams Come True; Stones, Slings, and Giant Things; The Big Picnic; In the Garden; and No Silver, No Gold. We still have one more new game on the way for other stories.
2 After you’ve updated your app, the first time you tap on a story that features an activity you haven’t used before (such as Sticker Story Time), the app will prompt you to redownload that story to get the new content.

Spread the Word.

Just like you, people are more likely to try a new app when a friend recommends it to them. (And offering to help them install it? Even better.) What if all you had to do to help kids fall in love with the Bible was tap a button? It really is that easy:


Find out first… what’s coming next.

Sticker Story Time is the third of four brand-new games and activities coming to the Bible App for Kids. We’ll tell you more about the last game as soon as it launches. If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ll be one of the first to hear about it and other new features as soon as they become available!



About the Bible App for Kids


Four years ago the Bible App had already been installed on tens of millions of devices. And as more and more people continued to discover it, we wondered: What if kids had their own Bible App? Together with our friends at OneHope, we envisioned a fun app that could introduce kids to the big stories of the Bible. The Bible App for Kids was born, featuring touch-activated animations and engaging content. Today the Bible App for Kids offers all 40 of those original stories we planned, plus a bonus story! Already available in 24 languages — with more still to come — the Bible App for Kids is being enjoyed by children all over the world. Installed on over 13 million devices, the Bible App for Kids is always completely free.

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Now Your Children Can Experience the Bible App for Kids in Hindi!

Today, together with our partner OneHope, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Bible App for Kids in Hindi. Now, more children than ever have the opportunity to enjoy a Bible experience all their own.

Switching between languages is easy, right in the app’s Settings. Just make sure you’ve updated your app to the most current release, then look under Settings for “Language.” Choose between Afrikaans, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin audio with either Simplified or Traditional characters), Dutch, English (UK or US), Farsi, Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, and Vietnamese. The audio will play in that language, and any text will appear in that language, too!

Please help us celebrate this great news!



About the Bible App for Kids

The Bible App for Kids is from YouVersion, makers of the Bible App, designed to give children a delight-filled Bible experience all their own. Developed in partnership with OneHope, the Bible App for Kids has already been installed on more than 12 million Apple, Android, and Kindle devices, and it’s always completely free. Kids from all over the world are now enjoying the Bible App for Kids — in Afrikaans, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin audio with either Simplified or Traditional characters), Dutch, English (UK or US), Farsi, Filipino (Tagalog), French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, and now… in Hindi!

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