YouVersion Blackberry Bible App 2.1

Today we are excited to announce version 2.1 of the BlackBerry Bible app. We have been working hard on this update, and are happy to put this in your hands just in time for Christmas! So if you are a Blackberry user think of this as our special gift to you!

So, without further ado let me walk you through some of the new features and user experience.

As you might notice here, there is a slight change…what once was Daily Reading, you now see Reading Plan. We now have dozens of reading plans at your finger tips, and many are much more than just daily plans. Read more about all our reading plans here

Home View

Here you see a view of the reading plans. In this you you will notice “My Reading Plans” as well as Available Reading Plans. So yes, you guessed it…you can now login to YouVersion via your Blackberry device. The login will keep your reading in sync with the desktop web version…and any other mobile device you might use.

Reading Plan List

This view shows today’s reading for the Life Journal Reading Plan. You will notice there are 3 readings for today and the ability to email them, Tweet them, as well as see the plan details.

Life Journal View

Ok, check this out…here you are seeing our new custom daily reading scripture reader. At the bottom of the reader notice “Today” and specifically the 1 of 3. We tried to make it as easy as possible for you while reading your plan. In this view you simply see you are reading today’s plan and you are on Reading 1 of 3.

Daily Reader View

Above, I broke the news that you can now login to YouVersion via your Blackberry Bible App. //Applause goes here// You now have the ability to manage your YouVersion login as well as your Twitter login in your settings screen. Yep, it is that simple.

Settings View

Finally, it’s time to take what you have learned here and Share it with the world. On your Share screen you can now Tweet about the YouVersion Bible App being amazing…and yes it is Free as well. So go ahead, take out your Blackberry and tell the world how much you love it!


Download now…here is how. Take out your Blackberry, and go to This will take you to Blackberry App World, our preferred method of installing. If App World is not available in your country, you can also download it via from your Blackberry, Android, or iPhone mobile device.