10 Million Downloads!

If you didn’t know already, our very special webcast is happening right now! (As of this posting, anyway.) Come join us if you can. And let others know!

During the webcast, we are announcing that the YouVersion Bible App has been downloaded more than 10 million times! And we’re also very excited about this: so far, people have used the Bible App to read the Bible for more than 3.5 billion minutes. We are witnessing the Bible being read, engaged with and shared in new, inspiring ways.

While we are thrilled that we get to be a part of what God is doing, we also would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped make it all possible. It’s only through your passion, your commitment, and your help that we have reached these milestones!


To our partners and publishers: Thank you for providing the high-quality content that allows our users to enjoy so many great translations as they spend time in Scripture. Your partnership means lives are being changed around the world!

To our user community: It’s your passion for the Bible that put the Bible App on the map in the first place. It’s because you’re sharing your experience and your connection with God’s Word that more and more people are hearing about it, even now. Thank you!

To everyone who contributes financially: We appreciate your generosity in making it possible for people around the globe to engage with Scripture in unprecedented ways. Our ongoing commitment to you is that we will carefully steward these resources to extend the Bible’s reach as far as we can.

To our core group of volunteers: How can we thank you guys enough? We love you. Everything you do matters and makes a difference in getting the Scriptures into people’s lives.

To God: Thank you for the story of your love for us and the unparalleled connection we can have with you any time we open up the Bible. Please help us share your Word with the world.

10 million is just the beginning…millions more are ready for the Bible to become part of their everyday lives. More on that very soon!

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