Android Update with Korean, French, Russian and Portuguese

Version 2.7.1 of the Bible App™ for Android is now available. Thanks to some amazing volunteers, we’re happy to announce that besides English, Spanish, German and both Traditional and Simplified Chinese, now you can also view your user interface in Korean, French, Russian and Portuguese. This version update, already available in the Android Market, also addressed a few bugs that were causing some random crashes.

Do you like reading from the Bible App on your Android device? Have you considered sharing it with others on Facebook and Twitter? Your friends are actually more likely to try the Bible App when you tell them about it than when we do. Please think about showing people you know how easy it is to get the Bible App, and how it works. (And especially if their native language is something other than English.) Also, we’re continuing to add languages, so if translation or proofing in another language is an area where you’re particularly gifted, we’d love for you to join us as a volunteer!

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