For Valentine’s Day: 5 Days to a Better Marriage

Reading PlansPrepare for Valentine’s Day this year by reading our brand-new Devotional, “Love and Marriage,” together with your spouse. Today is February 7, so if you start tomorrow or the next day, the two of you can finish up this 5-day plan just in time for the big day. Each day, “Love and Marriage” leads you through a passage about how God views this important commitment, then follows up with additional ideas to help you discuss your relationship in a Scriptural context. (If you’re using the Bible App™ to read, you’ll find “Love and Marriage” under “Topical.”)

If you haven’t been much of a Bible reader in the past, then you really should try Reading Plans. They’re a terrific tool to help you engage with God’s Word and even to develop a daily habit. When you choose a Reading Plan, YouVersion gives you an easy schedule with a little to read each day. With more than 60 plans you can choose from—and lots more on the way—you’re sure to find topics that interest you.

Each Reading Plan description tells you what it covers and how long it will take. We have plans that take you all the way through the Bible in a year, or just select parts, even specific topics and daily devotionals. Whether you want to learn, get perspective, or focus your time with God in a certain area, Reading Plans are a simple way to help you read through God’s Word.

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