Today, Celebrate “International Day of the Bible” with Believers All Over the World


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Today, November 24, is International Day of the Bible. The YouVersion community shows passion for Scripture every day, but this is a special opportunity to celebrate and point people to the story of God’s unrelenting love for us. At noon, wherever you are, join people from all over the world as together we share and spread our love for the Bible.

  • Use the Bible App’s Share tools to show your friends what you’re reading or listening to on Facebook, Twitter, and Path, or by text or email.
  • Pass your Bible around and read a passage aloud together with your friends.
  • Post a screen capture on Instagram from your kids’ favorite story in the Bible App for Kids.

And share what inspires you.

As you take some time in God’s Word today, share publicly about what the Bible has meant in your life. And when you share online, use the hashtag #BibleCelebration, so everyone will be able to follow along as we celebrate Scripture together.


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