“Waters Part and Walls Fall”: The Newest Story in the Bible App for Kids

The newest story in the Bible App for Kids shows God’s people entering the promised land. It’s based on Numbers 13-14, Joshua 2-3, and Joshua 5-6 in the Old Testament. Moses sends 12 spies to explore the land flowing with milk and honey. Two return ready to trust God’s promise, but the other ten convince the people it’s just too dangerous. Years later, Joshua leads the next generation into Canaan with the ark of the Lord, and the Jordan River stops flowing for them, allowing them to cross on dry land.


As the Israelites approach the walled city of Jericho, the Lord’s messenger gives Joshua their “battle” instructions. They march around the city for seven days, carrying the ark and blowing their trumpets. When they finish marching on the last day, God’s people shout, and Jericho’s walls fall down for them.


About the Bible App for Kids

If you already have the Bible App for Kids, simply open the app and tap the icon for “Waters Part and Walls Fall.” But even if you don’t have the Bible App for Kids yet, it’s easy to get, and always completely free.

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