New Bible App for Kids Story: Peter Has a Vision: “Everybody’s Welcome”

In the latest story from the Bible App for Kids, “Everybody’s Welcome,” God shows Peter that Jesus is for everyone. Based on Acts 10, God sends an angel to a Roman officer named Cornelius. The angel tells Cornelius to send some servants to find Peter and invite him to his house. The next day while Peter is praying, God gives him a vision, showing him many animals that Jewish people were not supposed to eat. A voice from Heaven tells Peter to choose one of the animals to eat. Peter tells the voice that he is not supposed to eat those things. But the voice — which is God’s voice — tells Peter that, because God says it’s okay, it’s okay.

Just then, Cornelius’ servants arrive, inviting Peter to come with them to meet Cornelius. Peter takes some of his friends with him to Cornelius’ house, where a bunch of people have gathered, excited to hear what Peter might say. Peter realizes that the vision God gave him was about more than just what kinds of food were okay to eat. So Peter tells them, “God sent His Son not just for some… Jesus is for everyone!” The people are very happy, and they receive God’s Holy Spirit, just like the disciples did at Pentecost. Then Peter baptizes them.

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