New Bible App for Kids Story: Elijah against Ahab and the Prophets of Baal: “Fire From Heaven”

In the latest story from the Bible App for Kids, “Fire From Heaven,” God’s prophet Elijah faces off against false prophets of a pretend god. Based on 1 Kings 16:2917:1, 18:1, and 18:17–39 in the Old Testament, “Fire From Heaven” begins with King Ahab, the worst king that God’s people ever had. Ahab’s bad wife Jezebel gets him and God’s people to follow a fake god called Baal. God’s prophet Elijah visits King Ahab and tells him to bring Baal’s false prophets and all of God’s people to meet him on a mountain.

When everyone gets there, Elijah gives them a challenge. “Baal’s prophets and I will each make a sacrifice. The god who sends fire and burns up our sacrifices is the one true God.” Elijah lets Baal’s prophets go first, but even after they pray and chant to their “god” for hours and hours, still no fire comes.


Next it’s Elijah’s turn. Elijah offers God a sacrifice, then digs a ditch around his altar and pours water over everything to make it completely wet. Then, as soon as Elijah prays, God rains down fire from heaven. But God’s fire doesn’t only burn up Elijah’s sacrifice; it burns up the altar…and even all of the water! When the people see that God is the only God who’s true, they bow and tell Him, “We will worship only You!”


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