Merry Christmas from YouVersion!

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Let’s celebrate Jesus…

Today we thank God for the gift he gave us in his son:
Jesus Christ, the hope of the world.

We offer several ways for you and your family to connect with the story of Jesus’ birth:

1 Read the story in Luke 2:1-20.
2 Enjoy “The First Christmas Gift” in the Bible App for Kids.
3 Listen to passages about the birth of Christ in your favorite audio Bible.


…and share the joy He brings.

If you get to be with friends and family this holiday season, we hope you’ll make the most of every opportunity to share your faith. Here are a few easy ways to get you started:

1 Share verses about Jesus’ birth on your favorite social networks — right from the Bible App.
2 Use your phone to show people the Bible App and the Bible App for Kids. If they show interest, you could even offer to help them install one (or both) on their device.
3 Add friends and family as Bible App Friends, so you can share, encourage each other, and grow together.
3 Show your friends the Christmas Story Tracker website, where they can see all the places in the world where people are reading about Jesus’ birth.


From all of us here at YouVersion, we wish you the very best this Christmas. And we hope you take many opportunities throughout this season to celebrate that He is come, and to reflect on all that means: Immanuel, “God with us.

Merry Christmas from YouVersion!