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“YouVersion helped me connect with an old friend,
and we encourage each other through our devotional readings.
It’s been wonderful to share Scripture and pray for each other!”
—Crystal in Ohio, USA

One of the best ways to bring the Bible into your everyday life is to talk about what it’s saying to you in a trusted community of close friends. In fact, Friends have now made more than 5 million connections inside the Bible App. Finding your Bible App Friends is easy! Imagine: just minutes from now, you could be enjoying meaningful, Bible-centered conversations with your favorite people.

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All over the world, Friends are connecting with each other around God’s Word. The lines on this map show connections between Bible App Friends that span cities, countries — even continents. So no matter where your friends live, invite them to join you on your spiritual journey.

Friending Topics…

How do I decide which friends I should include? And what if I change my mind later? What if someone asks me to be their Friend in the Bible App… but I don’t want to? Find answers to these questions and more in our blog post, “Top 5 Questions About Bible App Friends.”

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