July Featured Plans: Hillsong Young & Free, Thrive for Moms, WiRE for Men, and more

The Gospel reaches beyond forgiving our sins, extending into every aspect of our lives. See how (and why) as you explore bigger questions: “Why am I here?” “What’s the point of my salvation?”

Walk alongside biblical examples of people who committed their lives to Christ—then, through study questions and deep reflection, imagine what that same commitment might look like in your own life.

Drawing on lyrics from Hillsong Young & Free’s newest album, Youth Revival, this devotional helps you explore your heart’s motives, inspiring you to use your life to pursue things that last.

When pouring your love into your family threatens to run your tank dry, refill it with reminders from Scripture about how extravagantly God loves you and how passionately He cherishes you.

Discover practical, biblical principles that will help you stay connected to God by being intentional in your relationships—even when the busyness of everyday life is constantly working to distract you.

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