Get the Bible in the Languages of India and Bangladesh

Thanks to the generosity of visionary Bible society and translation partners, YouVersion is pleased to offer several Bibles in the languages of India and Bangladesh, all available through the Bible App. And thanks to the The Bible Society of India, we’ve just launched several new versions of the Bible. Just tap any of the buttons below to select a Bible in that language:

New Bibles for India and Bangladesh

Hindi Bible – बाइबिलAudio Bible Available

Bengali Bible – বাইবেলAudio Bible Available

Telugu Bible – బైబిల్

Marathi Bible – बायबलAudio Bible Available

Tamil Bible – தமிழ்Audio Bible Available

Urdu Bible – ردوAudio Bible Available

Gujarati Bible – બાઇબલ

Kannada Bible – ಬೈಬಲ್

Malayalam Bible – ബൈബിൾ

Oriya Bible – Odia ପବିତ୍ର ବାଇବଲ

Eastern Panjabi Bible

Maithili Bible – jivən səndeshAudio Bible Available

Other Bibles for India and Bangladesh

Chhattisgarhi BibleAudio Bible Available

Assamese Bible
Nepali Bible – बाइबिल
Santhali Bible
Sindhi Bible

Kok Borok Bible
Mizo Bible
Mising Bible
Karbi Bible
Ao Naga Bible

Nyishi Bible
Konyak Naga Bible
Zo Bible
Tangkhul Naga Bible
Angami Naga Bible

Vaiphei Bible
Liangmai Naga Bible
Riang Bible

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