Plans: Inspiration, Emotion, Science, and Relationships


Chasing the Light
Dave Adamson and Freely Give, 5 days

Using Scripture, shareable images, and devotional excerpts from his book Chasing the Light, pastor, photographer, and author Dave Adamson helps you recognize the moments in your life where God is drawing you into a closer relationship with Him.


Enemies of the Heart
Andy Stanley and WaterBrook Multnomah, 5 days

Let the truth of God’s Word help you address the secret things that may be hiding in your heart, with ideas and questions for reflection from pastor and author Andy Stanley’s book, Enemies of the Heart.


Noel Jesse Heikkinen and David C Cook, 4 days

If you’re a Christian — but you don’t feel free — let pastor and author Noel Jesse Heikkinen share with you just some of what God’s Word tells us about His grace — why we have it, where it comes from, and what it’s for — through excerpts from his book, Unchained.


Robin Meadows, 21 days

Daily devotionals and Scripture readings help you begin to make better decisions by equipping you to lead your heart with biblical truth, wisdom, and life.


Pursuing Peace, 7 days

Each day features a Bible passage, devotional thoughts, an African proverb, and a tangible action step, all working together to help you not only to discover God’s peace, but to become a force of change in projecting peace to the people around you.


Is Genesis History?
Compass Cinema and WTA Group, 7 days

Each day, devotional reading and short clips from the film Is Genesis History? tackle difficult questions about the Bible, such as: Did Noah and his family experience a literal worldwide flood? Where did today’s languages come from? And what happened to the dinosaurs?

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