This Month: Plans from Louie Giglio, Brennan Manning, Tony Evans, and more


Goliath Must Fall: Winning The Battle Against Your Giants
Louie Giglio and Zondervan, 7 days

Let pastor Louie Giglio inspire you in this series of short videos, as he shares thoughts from his new book on the biblical story of David and Goliath, then offers real-world strategies from the Scriptures for how you can walk in the victory Jesus has already won — overcoming adversaries like fear, rejection, comfort, anger, and addiction.

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Giving it All Away…and Getting it All Back Again

David Green and Zondervan, 9 days

Through select excerpts from his book Giving It All Away, David Green shares the Scripture, biblical principles, and practical application that show you how to live generously, change the lives of the people you touch, and leave an enduring legacy.

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Chasing Greatness

Dr. Tony Evans, 7 days

Pastor and author Dr. Tony Evans leads men on a journey of discovery through Bible passages and thought leadership, challenging you to fully pursue the potential God calls you to: responsible leader, willing owner, kingdom man.

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People of the Second Chance

Mike Foster and WaterBrook Multnomah, 5 days

Mike Foster helps you let go of the shame and regret of your past mistakes, by revealing the names God has for you in the Bible, offering encouraging devotionals and reflection questions that will help you find the real “you.”

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Armor of God

Priscilla Shirer and LifeWay, 5 days

With daily Bible readings and excerpts from her women’s Bible study series The Armor of God, Bible teacher and bestselling author Priscilla Shirer equips you with an action plan for protecting your heart, your mind, and your relationships, and for facing your spiritual enemy head-on.

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The Lies We Believe About God

Dr. Chris Thurman and David C Cook, 4 days

Through daily devotionals excerpted from his book, psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Chris Thurman presents biblical truths selected to challenge the common assumptions many people have about God, revealing His true nature to help you know Him more intimately.

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The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning

Brennan Manning and WaterBrook Multnomah, 5 days

Drawn from Brennan Manning’s classic book, these daily devotionals help you experience “the furious love of God” in Scripture, then offer questions for reflection that will help you begin to apply the truth of God’s grace into your everyday life.

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Relaxing with God

Andrew Farley, 8 days

From his book Relaxing with God, speaker and bestselling author Dr. Andrew Farley shares Scriptures that clearly show how Jesus’s words, “It is finished,” apply to your life today, helping you leave behind the burden of your failures and sins once and for all.

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