Today is Bible Translation Day: Support Bible Translation with #WhyBible

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Today is Bible Translation Day, a day set apart worldwide to honor the work of Bible translation. #WhyBible is a global movement of people learning together how to share why the Bible matters in our lives. Today only (September 30, 2018), for every post that includes the hashtag #WhyBible, a generous donor has pledged to contribute $5 toward the Ambonese Malay Bible translation project in Indonesia (up to $15,000).

One Hashtag = $5 Donated

Let’s Share!

Step 1

Get Creative. Snap a picture representing why the Bible matters to you. You can even draw a question mark on your hand and snap a photo. We’d suggest using Bible Lens or creating a Verse Image. 😉

Step 2

Choose Your Social. Upload your photo to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Ensure your contribution counts by making sure your post is public.

Step 3

Answer this Question. In your caption, answer, “How is my life different because I have the Bible in my language?

Use the hashtag #WhyBible on each post.

Prize Pack

When you use the hashtag #WhyBible on social media on September 30, you’ll be entered to win this awesome prize pack from Wycliffe! They’ll choose 3 winners throughout the day. (See the official rules here.)

Learn More.

Our partners at Wycliffe Bible Translators created the #WhyBible website to help you learn how you can explore God’s Word, apply it to your life, and share your personal story of faith.

Visit #WhyBible