Players from the Big Game Tell Why They Love the Bible App: Video

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! It’s February 3, the biggest day of the year in American sports. Even though the top two teams in football will face off as rivals on the field this weekend, several players from both sides share a love for the Bible. Now, thanks to YouVersion partner The Increase, you can hear what some of the players from today’s game have to say about the YouVersion Bible app.

Looking through the Bible, sometimes I put myself in that person’s shoes… You see where you’ve had shortcomings. But you also see where you’ve had grace.


The only absolute truth that there is, is God’s Word.


Now, take the field and find your inspiration:

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Just like you, these guys love using the YouVersion Bible App to make God’s Word a key part of their everyday lives. And we’ve made it super-easy for you to use this video to share your passion for the Bible — and football! — with your friends:

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