Try YouVersion Prayer on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

YouVersion Prayer - Now on Amazon and Google devices. No distractions, just Prayer.

YouVersion Prayer is helping people all over the world make prayer a part of their everyday lives (with more than two million Prayers so far). Now, whatever you’re praying for, try it on your Amazon and Google voice devices.

On Amazon Alexa

Alexa, ask YouVersion Bible
for my Prayer List”

Amazon Echo

On Google Assistant

Just say, Ok Google, talk to
YouVersion Bible”

Once YouVersion Bible opens, say,
“My Prayer List”

Google Home

YouVersion Prayer reads the first Prayer on your Prayer List, then plays soft, soothing background music as you pray.1 After a minute, YouVersion Prayer reads your next Prayer, followed again by quiet music. One Prayer at a time, YouVersion Prayer helps you pray through each item on your list.

More About YouVersion Prayer

1 The first time you ask YouVersion Bible to read your prayer list, follow the prompts it gives you.