Teach your kids to pray like Jesus.

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It can be intimidating trying to teach your kids how to pray—especially if no one ever taught you. But prayer is simply an ongoing conversation between us and God.

Explore prayer together, at a level that’s appropriate for their age, and practice—together. How will you know if you’re doing it right?

You’ll all enjoy praying together so much that you look forward to it.

Your children learn best in fun, meaningful activities that you do together. Take advantage of natural opportunities throughout the day to pray for the different areas Jesus outlined in the Lord’s Prayer (Luke 11:1-4):

Early in the day. Thank God for today, and ask Him to help you be who He wants you to be.

Mealtimes. Thank God for your food, and ask Him to continue providing for your family.

When we’re upset. Ask God to help you feel better, apologize, forgive—and love each other better.

Bedtime. Here’s a simple prayer modeled after Jesus’ prayer in Luke 11:1-4. Tap below to save it to your Bible App:

Our Family’s Bedtime Prayer: God, we love you. Thank You for today. We’re excited for tomorrow. Please wrap Your angels around us and keep us safe. Help us have a good sleep tonight, with only good dreams. Amen

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