Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King: Cultivating a Heart of Mercy

You probably know Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King as the daughter of Coretta Scott King and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. You may also recognize her as an international orator and speaker, from appearances on CNN and BET, or from magazines such as People and Ebony. Today, Bernice’s work at The King Center and other organizations is transforming future generations to Think, Act, Live, and Lead by the Kingian Nonviolence principles modeled by her parents.

Cultivating a Heart of Mercy

is an all-new, 6-day Bible Plan, featuring exclusive video content from the Hard Questions, Heart Answers author. Through a series of inspiring video devotionals, Bernice shows us the relationship between justice and mercy, reveals the source of our power to forgive, and shares how we can redeem our own suffering to serve others.

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His Word Does Not Return Void: A Conversation with Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King

In this YouVersion exclusive video, Rev. Dr. Bernice A. King shares how the power of God’s Word shaped her her life growing up as the daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., and how we can tap into that same power today, in order to practice true justice towards others: by walking in mercy and humility.

When you start practicing in this vein — doing justice, and loving mercy — it invites God into the equation and gives Him room to operate.


Connect with Bernice:

Instagram: BRoyal12

Facebook: Be A King

Twitter: @BerniceKing

Website: Bernice A King

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Obey God’s message! Don’t fool yourselves by just listening to it. If you hear the message and don’t obey it, you are like people who stare at themselves in a mirror and forget what they look like as soon as they leave.

JAMES 1:22-24

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