1 Billion Minutes: How You Can Take Part

During today’s special webcast, we shared exciting news about the Bible App’s recent milestones and about YouVersion’s future. So far, the Bible App has been downloaded more than 10 million times and people have used YouVersion to read the Bible for 3.5 billion minutes!

And as amazing as it is to see what God has done in the past 2.5 years, we’re confident that He wants to do much, much more to help people make the Bible a daily part of their lives. So today we introduced a crazy, God-sized goal:

1 billion minutes reading the Bible in 1 month

During January alone, we hope to see users spend at least 1 billion minutes reading the Bible. Because, after all, that’s really what YouVersion is all about: falling in love with God’s Word.

It’s only because of you, our user community, that YouVersion and the Bible app are where they are today. And we’ll need your help again to reach one billion minutes in one month. Here are just a few of the things you can do to help make it happen:

  • Rate us. If you haven’t done so already, please rate the YouVersion Bible app in iTunes (honestly, the sooner, the better).
  • Vote for us. Vote for us in the 4th Annual Mashable Awards.
  • Assist your friends. Help friends install the Bible app on their phones and other devices.
  • Share with your community. Mention @YouVersion in some tweets and Facebook status updates, and encourage your friends to download it to their devices. (It’s available for download on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and webOS in their respective app stores and marketplaces.)
  • Write about us. If you have a blog, please consider writing at least one post to let your readers know what we’re doing and ask them to participate.
  • Share the Bible on Christmas Day. You’ll be hearing more about this soon, but it will be a great opportunity to point people to the birth of Christ.
  • Consider serving on the YouVersion team in one of the many different positions that are available: proofreading, user support, app testing, design, development, and more. Sign up here.

If you could focus your efforts between now and Christmas, that’s the window where we have the opportunity to make the biggest impact. Stay tuned to the YouVersion Facebook page or Twitter feed to keep up with the latest.

We can do this! But only together. Let’s see what can happen when a passionate community of users works together to help people everywhere spend more time than ever in God’s Word.

6 Replies to “1 Billion Minutes: How You Can Take Part”

  1. I wish you would come up with a mobile version of your web site/app. This would make it easier to use on the Kindle.

  2. I really enjoy this app can u add audio to. Cross connect has audio Bible esv verison but I do also want to say it works very good Samsung fashionate Verizon wireless its easy to swtich frm book and chapters .what I thing is exploding is users when they go to church don’t have to carry bulkey Bibles plus its at there finger tips any time of the day and note I praise God for ur app I hope to donate to the minstrey soon may God be with u keep up the good work

  3. I enjoy using your app on my samsung galaxy.
    however I find it sad that if I want to add a contribution to a verse then I am restricted to log on to your website, which really makes your app limited to resemble many others. I will say nothing about creating a journal, for from my phone this function cannot be accessed.
    What a shame that I cannot contribute on the go, as it would definitely, to me at least, make this app the very best in the world. Maybe its just me, since I haven’t quite worked out yet how to add a second. Bible version withing. 🙂
    All my thank in any way.

  4. I’m interested in the volunteer part but not sure which option to choose. Could you define the options more so we have more of an idea of what each role does..?

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