Notice Anything…Different?

If you haven’t noticed it already, you might soon see your icon for the Bible App just a little…differently. That’s because the next time a new update is available for your app, you’ll get our updated icon. Of course, YouVersion is still the same Bible App you know and, we hope, love.

Because of platform differences (like BlackBerry vs. say, iPad) our icons evolved slightly differently in different places. However, with the Bible App’s growing momentum, we thought it was perfect timing to unify the icon across all platforms.

Some people have asked why we didn’t go with a YouVersion icon. The answer is simple: to help people focus on the Bible instead of a brand. We wanted people to easily recognize the Bible when they see it in the app store and, more importantly, on their phone.

So, in the coming weeks and months, wherever you experience YouVersion—whether iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, webOS, or even in Facebook — you’ll see the new Bible App logo. It’s one small tweak that we hope will help even more people open up God’s Word.

8 Replies to “Notice Anything…Different?”

  1. You have and continue to focus on the WORD of GOD; I believe with HIM on your side success is assured and welcomed for the app. Thank you very much.

  2. Why do you not use YouVersion in the App Icon or Title? I’ve got lots of Bible apps which each have different strengths/weaknesses and so get used at different times. I always struggle to ‘find’ YouVersion when I want it because the name doesn’t feature.

    Just curious…


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