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100 things you can do with YouVersion: #36

Link a relevant Myspace video to a verse or verses.

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #35

Use the content “ribbon” as a visual indicator of which verses users have contributed the most content to while reading the Bible.

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #34

Search for “leadership” to find verses or user-contributed content that have been tagged by users with the term “leadership”.

YouVersion Alpha Release

Six weeks ago, we announced our plans to build YouVersion, an online tool that allows people to connect media and web content with specific verses of the Bible. We have been amazed at the initial interest and response that we have received so far. We also thank all of you who have expressed an interest in participating or helping.

Since the announcement, our Digerati Team has been working diligently to develop YouVersion. Today, we are excited to announce that we have just released the Alpha test of YouVersion to a limited group of participants. We will continue a very aggressive development schedule over the coming weeks, and plan to expand the Alpha test to a larger group of participants as rapidly as possible. We look forward to the insight our test participants bring as we prepare for the Beta launch of the system to a broader audience this fall.

The Alpha release is intended to serve as a “proof of concept”, and does not include all of the features that will be a part of the public Beta release. Here are the basic features included in this release:

  • Bible Reader (currently only public domain translations)
  • Ability to star favorite verses
  • Ability to tag verses with user-define tags
  • Contribute text and associate with verse(s)
  • Contribute embedded videos (YouTube and more) and associate with verse(s)
  • Contribute links to blog posts or web pages and associate with verse(s)
  • Journal feature
  • Ability to view starred or tagged items/verses
  • Overall user interface design and functionality

In the next few weeks we will be adding several additional features including search, quick chapter/verse selector, help content, and much more.

You view screen shots and

We have been discussing YouVersion with many Bible publishers, and have received overwhelmingly positive responses regarding incorporating their various translations into the project. We have a few publishers that have already committed to the project, and we are now working at wrapping up the licensing and technical details to incorporate their translations into our Beta release.

As we expand the Alpha test, we will email additional participants with instructions on how to login. If you are interested in participating, and have not already done so, please let us know by sharing your email address with us here. You can also subscribe to this blog to get future announcements about YouVersion.

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #25

Start a YouVersion group Bible study using the group feature (future development) where you can view only the contributions of your group as your read through a passage individually. 

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #24

Contribute content highlighting the historical facts surrounding a passage in scripture.

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #23

Rate any piece of user contributed content based on how relevant it is to the associated scripture and whether you like it

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #22

Teaching Pastors:  Browse through the contributed sermon outlines for a particular verse for different perspectives on teaching ideas.

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #21

Select any verse or series of verses and then “blog it” to get code that you can use to incorporate them into your blog

100 things you can do with YouVersion: #20

Instantly flag and remove for review any user-contributed content that you deem inappropriate

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