Updates to YouVersion Groups, Events and Live

Yesterday the YouVersion Team pushed updates to the newly launched Groups and Live areas. For Groups you will now see easy links to go back in and edit your Events after you have set them up. You will also be able to access your Event Dashboard which is where you can view responses to Prayer Requests, Questions and the large screen display for your Polls. And in general you should be able to find your way around better in the Groups and Live areas.

There have also been a number of behind the scenes improvements to help speed up YouVersion and help it scale under all the heavy usage we’ve been getting, especially on Sunday mornings. We are excited for this update as the first of many that are on the way to continue to improve your experience with YouVersion.

Thank you to all the churches and groups that have already been so creative in using YouVersion Live for your events in your community. In fact we would love to see the creativity and innovation you are putting into your Events to share with others in the YouVersion community. You can send us the event link through a mention on Twitter to @YouVersion.

And if you haven’t seen it yet be sure to check out the first in a series of videos on “Why I Love YouVersion.”