Introducing the New Reading Plan Calendar

Since we launched them in mid-December, the YouVersion Reading Plans have been a huge hit! We’ve seen almost 350,000 people subscribe to one of the 22 reading plans that are available, and users are continuing to sign up at an increasing rate. Many of you have let us know that the plans help you read the Bible more consistently–way to go!

Recently, we revisited the reading plans to make sure they’re as useful and helpful as possible. After more than 100 days of regularly reading the Bible, many users were asking for a couple of features:

1. You wanted a way to quickly go back to past days you’ve missed or even skip ahead to future readings.
2. You wanted to get a feel for your progress in a more tangible way.

In response to those requests, we decided to create one feature that solves both problems. It’s called the Reading Plan Calendar and it makes it even easier to get a bird’s eye view of the reading plans you’re following.

From the Calendar you’ll be able to see the full scope of your plan in calendar format, see which days are complete or incomplete in the past, and see how many days are left in the future. Clicking any day will take you to the reading selections for that day.

We hope you enjoy this addition to the YouVersion Reading Plans because we plan to roll this feature out to all of our current and upcoming mobile Bible apps very soon. To see the Reading Plan Calendar in action, just sign in and go to the overview for any reading plan that you’re following. You’ll see a message at the top of the page if there are any incomplete days in the past. Otherwise, click the button in the right sidebar that says “Plan Calendar.”

Have fun managing your Bible reading with this new tool!