Major Updates: Performance Enhancements, Improved Search, & 3rd Party Connections

Behind the scenes, our team has invested months of work and hundreds of hours of testing to make YouVersion even better for you! This major update includes two major changes and one significant addition.

Major Performance Enhancements

We painstakingly went through every line of code to make faster and more reliable than it’s ever been. Over the next several weeks, will continue to get faster for all of our users. We’ll be rolling out similar performance enhancements to all of YouVersion’s mobile Bible apps soon.

What it means for you:
A faster experience on the website, and upcoming improvements to all of our mobile apps. Reading and navigating through the Bible in the palm of your hand will be snappier than ever!

Significantly Improved Search

Searching the Bible for topics, specific Bible references, and keywords or phrases just got a lot easier, more intelligent, and faster with:

  • – the ability to use search formulas to hone your searches (e.g. “he first loved us” or Jesus AND Peter)
  • – smart search suggestions to help you find exactly what you’re looking for (e.g. Did you mean “only begotten son”?)
  • – a Bible translation picker to quickly perform the same search in different Bible translations
  • – plenty of back-end architecture that will make your search results appear super fast

Of course, improved search also works when searching YouVersion contributions, users, and tags.

What it means for you:
Easier, faster and more natural searches. We’ve played with the new search setup internally and we really think you’ll like the changes!

Introduction of 3rd Party Connections

We’re incredibly excited to be rolling out this new feature—so excited, in fact, that Terry and Jon couldn’t wait to give you a sneak preview last week! We’re starting with Facebook and Twitter, but we have plans for more integration with 3rd party services in the future.

What it means for you:
Connect your YouVersion account to your Facebook or Twitter account once and share the Bible, your reading plans, or other thoughts with your friends, quickly and seamlessly. And, because these “Connections” are tied to your YouVersion account, we’ll be able to roll out updates to the YouVersion mobile apps that take full advantage of each integration.

Our team has been working hard on these changes and we think you’ll love the end result. And, since it’s easy to share the things you love with your friends, take the chance to tell someone about YouVersion today! Tweet it, post it to Facebook, blog about it, or show someone how to read the Bible for free on their mobile phone by helping them download a YouVersion mobile app at

For specific details regarding the changes made in this update, see the YouVersion release notes.

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