Amazing Opportunity with YouVersion Live on Android Phones

We’ve seen amazing success for the Bible on Android powered mobile phones since we launched the first version less than 9 months ago. People have been able to read the Bible in more than 40 translations and 22 languages since the beginning. Sharing Bible verses with friends, accessing more than 20 Bible reading plans, and a uniquely Android experience have made the YouVersion app the most popular Bible app in the Android Market (and every other mobile app marketplace, too).

That’s why we believe that the addition of YouVersion Live to the Android platform is a significant milestone. YouVersion Live is a unique feature that brings amazing value to the user as well as tens of thousands of churches, Bible studies, and conferences around the world. Download the latest version of the YouVersion Android Bible app now in the Android Market.

For Android Users

Having YouVersion Live on your Android phone will give you the ability to closely follow and interact with the content of any live event that is implementing YouVersion Live into their programming. With the opportunity to quickly share your experience with friends, take notes right inside the app, interact with those leading the event through answering questions and asking for prayer, and the ability to interact with other attendees through polls, YouVersion Live could change the way you experience church, Bible studies, conferences, and more.

So, before you attend another live event, make sure they’re running YouVersion Live so can take full advantage of everything YouVersion and the event has to offer.

For Event Coordinators

With the growth of Android as a platform, the sheer number of people with the YouVersion app installed on their Android phones, and the rumors of tablets and “other” devices in the near future to be running Android, the potential for reaching your audience with a unique, memorable, and engaging experience just got an adrenaline shot. Whether you coordinate regular ol’ church services, Bible studies, or large conferences, YouVersion Live on Android (and iPhone & Blackberry) makes it easier than ever to capture the attention and imagination of anyone in the room (and potentially thousands more through the option to share your event via Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS, and more).

Before you plan your next event, think about the almost 6 million people with YouVersion already installed on their mobile phones and make sure you leverage that opportunity to create an experience they’ll never forget.

Download the YouVersion Android app at or visit to see all of our mobile Bible offerings. Visit to read more about YouVersion Live. And don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date on future announcements.