Android v. 2.6: Now with Updated Reading Plans!

Reading Plans

A new release, v. 2.6, is now available for the Bible App by YouVersion on Android! You can update yours in Market > Downloads. While this release contains a few bug fixes and performance enhancements, the new feature we’re most excited about is Reading Plans. When you choose a Reading Plan (from a list of 50+!), YouVersion gives you an easy schedule with a little to read each day. A Reading Plan is a simple, focused way to read through whatever you’re interested in in the Bible. And even if you miss a day (everybody does sometimes), just tap the “Catch Me Up” button, and the Bible App adjusts your schedule accordingly.

Once you have the Bible App installed on your Android device, to get started, just go to Reading Plans and browse for one that meets your needs. You can sign up at for progress update emails for yourself or an accountability partner. If you start today, you can even read the 5-Day Christmas Story Plan between now and Saturday!

Consider making 2011 the year you really connect with the Bible. You can try a plan that will take you all the way through the Bible in a year, or just select parts, even specific topics and daily devotionals. If you’re looking for a challenge, there’s even a plan that will help you read the whole thing in just 90 days! Try out the Reading Plans and share your thoughts with your friends on Facebook and on Twitter.

Also, in just a few days, we’ll be telling you here about a huge goal you can be a part of this January. (Hint: All you’ll need to do to participate is read the Bible, just a little each day.)

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