The Bible App for Android: 5 Million Devices

When the YouVersion user community reaches huge milestones, we love to share them so we can celebrate together. As of today:

The Bible App™ for Android has been
installed on more than 5 million devices!

The Bible App™ for Android at 5 Million DownloadsWhat that means is that more people are now engaging with God’s Word through the Bible App—just on Android devices—than were even using the Bible App on every platform at this same time last year. And of course, they’re participating with the millions of others also using the Bible App on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and other platforms. In fact, the YouVersion community has been connecting with the Bible through the Bible App collectively for more than 6 billion minutes!

Launched in August of 2009, the Bible App for Android has continued adding and improving features, like offline Bibles, a reading plan widget, and most recently, even audio Bibles. And of course all of these cutting edge tools are in addition to the multiple languages and same great features on our other platforms: reading plans, notes, bookmarks, social connections and more.

Hopefully you know by now that at YouVersion, we love the Bible. So it’s thrilling when Bible App users continue to share with others how they too can easily, freely connect with it every day on their mobile devices. Please keep telling friends and loved ones about the Bible App for Android, available free from the Android App Market. And let’s connect on Facebook and Twitter!

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