Sermon on the Mount added to the Bible App for Kids as “The King and the Kingdom”

King and Kingdom

Our latest addition brings the Sermon on the Mount to the Bible App for Kids as “The King and the Kingdom.” Based on Matthew 5-7, the story teaches kids about Jesus’ most famous sermon as He calls His followers to a new and different way of living.

King and Kingdom

Every story in the app introduces kids to biblical concepts in a way they can understand and remember. And of course we didn’t forget about the fun! The colorful animation features lots of great moments, like joining the crowd on the hillside to hear Jesus preach, or seeing the difference between the house built on rock and the one built on sand.

To get “The King and the Kingdom”, simply tap its icon in the app to download it.

TIP: Downloading stories over a fast Wi-Fi connection is pretty quick, but you might want to download them before you share them with your kids so they can dive right in.

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